NISHIJI FARM PV(English subtitles)

We continue to ensure the safe and secure production.

C.E.O. Mayumi Yoshinaga

We manage orchards of citruses, including Sudachi, Yuzu, Yuko.
The juice made out of citruses from our orchards is our signature product. Our safe and secure juice production ensures that it is 100% natural and preservative free in order to keep its genuine flavor. Furthermore, we utilize the citrus pomace to make compost with chaff. We are committed to developing high-value-added products with our three core values, "Ingenuity, Determination, Execution," hoping to offer our products directly to consumers.
We also started restoring the bamboo shoot mountains, producing canned bamboo shoots, renting abandoned farmlands, and cultivating gingers for the revitalization of the villages in Aratano-cho. We strive to become a company that is like a light of our region in a way that will make farmers happy by making the most of our community.


Agricultural Production Corporation
Nishiji Foods Co., Ltd.
121 Taniguchi, Aratano-cho, Anan-shi, Tokushima