Product List

Sudachi Juice 150ml ¥800 (Tax Incl.)

Sudachi Juice is 100% pure juice made out of sun-soaked sudachi grown outdoors. Squeezed and packed on the same day in the small convenient-sized bottles after heat sterilization in order to preserve its color, aroma, and quality.

Sudachi is loaded with healthy benefits,
It contains a lot of vitamin C and citric acid,
Vitamin C is important to keep you healthy.

Yuzu Juice 150ml ¥800 (Tax Incl.)

We use the yuzu from yuzu trees raised from seed in Tokushima.
The yuzu from yuzu trees raised from seed means that they are grown from seedlings into a yuzu trees after sprouting.. It has developed a high quality of aroma and taste which are different from the grafted trees.
The secret is its root.
The root of grafted yuzu trees is called "the root of Kikoku," while the root of yuzu trees raised from seed is called "the root of yuzu." They have different roots, and we believe the root is very important to bear delicious fruits. In fact, it takes 5 years to bear fruits for grafted yuzu trees, and 18 years for yuzu trees raised from seed.
Our yuzu juice is 100% pure juice preservative free with a lot of yuzu from yuzu trees raised from seed in our original compost.

Yuko Juice 150ml ¥800 (Tax Incl.)

Yuko is a rare fruit grown only in Tokushima.
Yuko is called Japanese lemon. Suitable for Japanese traditional Kyoto cuisine and even French cuisine. If you use it for carpaccio, it gives freshness and brings out the flavor of ingredients.
It gives a mild flavor when mixed with ponzu or dressing.
Please try out our Yuko Juice which those in the know, know.

Examples of Use
With liquors such as Shochu.
For sushi vinegar.
For making homemade ponzu or dressing.

Regular 720ml

Please store them in the refrigerator. Since its is pure fresh juice, the yeasts may be fermented and exploded or carbonated.
(There is no harm to body even if you drink. )

Mayumi's Sudachi Juice 720ml
First squeeze ¥2,700 (Tax Incl.)
Regular ¥2,300 (Tax Incl.)

Mayumi's Sudachi Juice is fresh squeezed juice made out of sun-soaked sudachi grown outdoors. In order to make better sudachi juice, our C.E.O. himself is committed to making the soil, and believes that what sudachi needs to grow is inside of sudachi. We return it to the soil after composting and fermenting the peels of sudachi squeezed last year and chaff.
The reason why we can try out various methods to produce a better taste of sudachi is that we have our own sudachi farms. We have local sudachi farmers use our compost and work on sudachi cultivation with passion.
Mayumi's Sudachi Juice is made out of those sudachi, carefully selected by Mayumi Yoshinaga herself, and squeezed with all her heart.
Especially the first squeeze is a limited edition made from the sudachi picked at the best period of time during the sudachi harvest season which contains fragrance and acidity the most.



Please store them in the refrigerator. Since its is pure fresh juice, the yeasts may be fermented and exploded or carbonated.
(There is no harm to body even if you drink. )

Mayumi's Yuzu Juice 720ml
¥2.950 (Tax Incl.)

Mayumi's Yuzu Juice is 100% pure juice squeezed yuzu raised from seed and grafted.
The yuzu trees raised from seed and contained in this product is 18 years old after sprouting. It has developed a high quality of aroma and taste over a long period of time.
Mayumi's Yuzu Juice is mild and aromatic juice with a lot of yuzu from the yuzu trees which are raised from seed and also grafted, and grown in the rich soil with our original compost,

Yuzukosho ¥600 (Tax Incl.)

Used sea salt cooked in a flat kettle from the beautiful sea of Kaiyo-cho by the sea salt craftsman and a paste of yellow part of yuzu peels from Tokushima peeled off one by one.
It is the gem that brings out the genuine flavor and yuzu aromas.

Yuzukosho 500g

Yuzukosho (For professional use) 500g ¥1,950 (Tax Incl.)

Used yellow yuzu peels from Tokushima, salt from Naruto, green peppers from Kyushu as ingredients. It needs to be refrigerated, but can be used right after you take out from the refrigerator because it does not freeze hard. Once you open, the freshness will last longer if stored in the freezer.
Perfect for white fish sashimi, meat dishes, and hot pot.

Yuzukosho 1kg

Yuzukosho (For professional use) 1kg
¥3,300 (Tax Incl.)


Yuzu Powder 3g ¥300 (Tax Incl.)

Freeze-dried and powdered yuzu from Tokushima.
Suitable for various types of foods.

Examples of Use
Perfect with chawanmushi, sushi, somen, udon, cakes. Sprinkled on pickles or soup as you like. For yuzu salt.
Yuzu powder can be packed in a tea bag and put it in a bath to enjoy its aromas.

(ear)        (base)

Boiled bamboo shoots (ear) 1pack (300g) ¥600 (Tax Incl.)

Boiled bamboo shoots (base) 1pack (300g)

The bamboo shoots in our own farms or digged by our contracted farmers in the morning, and boiled with rice bran on the same day in a traditional method. This is why it has a genuine good old taste without acridity.

*11L can available for professional use.
*Sliced upon request.


Ginger 3kg ¥2,500 (Tax Incl.)

We cultivate ginger called "Tosaichi" at the rented abandoned farmlands in the south of Tokushima. Our ginger is grown in our original compost mixed with fermented chaff and citrus peels. We pursue the recycle-based farming method for the environment
Gained "Anan Mark" certification issued by Tokushima prefecture to ensure the food safety.
The sharp taste of ginger is known for smoothing the blood circulation and raising the body temperature.
This helps improve blood circulation and avoid the common cold.
On top of that, ginger has many health benefits, including sterilization and appetite stimulation.

*Sliced upon request.

Okazu Ginger Miso 70g ¥580 (Tax Incl.)

The sudachi and ginger of the ingredients of Okazu Ginger Miso are cultivated in the soil with our original compost mixed with chaff and lees with reduced amount of agrochemicals. Gained "Anan Mark" certification for food safety and security. We use Japanese rice miso for the this product.

Examples of Use
With tofu.
Mixed with eggs.
Stir-fried with meat for Shouga-yaki. Put over rice.

100% Ginger Powder 15g ¥550 (Tax Incl.)

Add some ginger to your daily meals.
Dried ginger with full of fiber and powdered for easy use.
Additive Free
Available in a large size for professional use.

Examples of Use
Can be used for various types of foods drinks like tea or fried chicken.


Sudachi 1kg (Market price)

Sudachi from Tokushima.
We offer a wide range of sudachi from A-grade to B-grade.
Custom quantities available upon request.
*For a limited time only from June to October,
Price may vary depending on market value. Usually \2000 for 1kg from June to the middle of August, and \1000 from the middle of August to the end of September.
For more information, please contact us. 

Sudachi Syrup 500ml (5-fold dilution) ¥1,830 (Tax Incl.)

Rich aromas of Tokushima specialty, " Sudachi."
Nice sourness and fresh aromas of Tokushima specialty, "Sudachi."
Can be mixed with water and soda for a drink with a lot of vitamin C.
Also recommended to be mixed with Shochu or other liquors for flavorful cocktails.
Beet sugar from Hokkaido added for sweetness.

Ginger Syrup 500ml (5-fold dilution)
¥1,830 (Tax Incl.)

Sudachi juice contained
Made out of fresh ginger juice.
Sudachi juice added to give a fresh sour taste.
Recommended for ginger tea, ginger ale, and shandygaff with beer.
The brown sugar from Kikai island used for sweetness.

Yuko Syrup 500ml (5-fold dilution)
¥1,830 (Tax Incl.)

New specialty from Awa. The latest trend in citrus.
It has an intense aroma as the name says. Yu comes from the word, Yuzu, and Ko means aroma.
It has been very popular lately as a new specialty from Tokushima. Its strongest asset is its mild taste.
Perfect for soothing and relaxing cocktails.
Beet sugar from Hokkaido added for sweetness.

Yuzu Syrup 500ml (5-fold dilution)
¥1,950 (Tax Incl.)

Harmony of mild aromas and sourness.
Good old taste with a unique mild flavor of yuzu.
Recommended to be mixed with water or soda for non-alcoholic beverages.
Also recommended to be mixed with Shochu or other liquors for flavorful cocktails.

Products for professional use.

*These products are for professionals, not for regular customers. Please contact us.


Sudachi, Yuzu, Daidai, Yuko Juice

Carefully packed freshly squeezed juice of sudachi, yuzu, yuko, and daidai from Tokushima into bottles. Preservative free in order to keep its genuine flavor. Those citrus fruits have numerous benefits for health, including appetite stimulation and fatigue recovery. They can be used in many different ways. For example, not only as sauce (ponzu) or to add some flavor to the dish, can be mixed with water or hot water and honey or sugar for a healthy drink. They go very well with liquor such as sake, shochu, and vodka. The tartness of daidai and yuko is more mild and makes the taste more mellow.

Suitable for all ages from children to the elderly.
We deliver natural goodness.
*May be used daidai from other prefectures in Japan.

We have 20L container for professional use as well.


Ginger Juice

Grated and squeezed ginger (Tosaichi) from Tokushima prefecture. Very useful for making products for commercial use such as Ponzu, sauce, dressing, and beverages. Since it is made out of the ginger grown in Nishiji farm only, all the cultivation records are clear.



The Sudachi, Yuzu, Daidai, and Yuko squeezed are stored in the refrigerator on the same day in order to preserve freshness.


Japanese Lemon Juice

Squeezed lemons (mainly from Setouchi).
100% pure lemon juice.
contains 20L.
If you would like a smaller or custom size, then please contact us.

Yuzu Paste        Aoyuzu Paste
Sudachi Paste      Minced Yuzu 

Yuzu Paste, Aoyuzu Paste
Sudachi Paste, Minced Yuzu

Made paste with zested upper part of yuzu and sudachi peels from Tokushima
Minced yuzu is made out of chopped up yuzu peels.

Examples of Use
The paste is perfect for making sorbet, tartar sauce, and Yuzukosho.
Minced yuzu can be used as an ingredient of yuzu-miso.


Yuzu Peel Pâté

Used yuzu peels from Tokushima.
Can be used as a seasoning for Japanese sweets/cuisine, and Western sweets,

 Sliced Yuzu Peels, Sliced Sudachi Peels 

Sliced Yuzu Peels, Sliced Sudachi Peels

Carefully selected the Yuzu and Sudachi peels from Tokushima with farmers' eyes, ensured food safety, and sliced.

Examples of Use
As a topping of pickles. Stewed with kelp and other seaweeds.
As an ingredients of Japanese or Western sweets cocktails.


Sudachi Powder

Dried and powdered in our original method in order to leave the sudachi aromas.



Yuzuamigasa is sweet and packed as the ingredient before simmering.
Mainly used for traditional Japanese New Year foods or Kyoto cuisine.


Yuzu Seeds

Dried yuzu seeds.
Can be used for making grilled yuzu seeds called Yuzudanekuroyaki, or yuzu seed powder and toner.

Boiled Bamboo Shoots 11KG


Yuzu Powder